Corporate development

Formation of the company eurotherm Natursteinheizungen GmbH

In 1995 Mrs. Marianne Futterknecht founded the individual enterprise under her former name Hornof, located in Altdorf b. Nürnberg. Focus of the company was des Unternehmens the trading of natural stone heatings.
In the years 1995 to 1999 experiences and know-how on natural stone heatings were summarized and together with several professors a high-quality product has been developed, certified and produced from 1999 onwards.
The purely environmentally produced and registered trademark „eurotherm Natursteinheizung“ („eurotherm Natural Stone Heating“) Made in Germany, through several experiments with the building envelope has developed a thermostat for infrared radiation warmth and therefore has become an efficient premium brand.

1 Company overview

In 1999, the individual enterprise Hornof has been converted into a GmbH (eurotherm GmbH). Since its foundation the enterprise is led by Mrs. Marianne Futterknecht as manager as well as shareholder and meanwhile has its headquarters in Sulzbach-Rosenberg/Oberpfalz.
Core competencies of the company lie in production and distribution of natural stone heatings. Right now, eurotherm employs approx. 10 people in sales and approx. 26 people in production and service.

2 The products

The company offers a broad product range that divides and thus distinguishes into different sizes, custom sizes, special forms, ceiling mountings and exclusive sandblasting works. With regards to service, reliability and delivery time eurotherm is seen as setting standards within our customer range. Also, the innovative products always get enhanced and this is seen as a core competence.

3 Customer structure

eurotherm GmbH counts over 3400 customers from the electrical branch Europe-wide, these include electrical wholesalers and electrical retailers. The share of customers with long-term relationships to the company eurotherm GmbH is very high, this can be attributed to the service, reliability and the high quality of the products.

4 Competition

There is a large number of competitors which are also located in Germany. But it has to be distinguished between standard assortment manufacturers and customer oriented special design as well as exclusive model manufacturers. eurotherm GmbH offers its customers 15 years of warrants on the function of heatings. As a special service, we invite our customers to pick the raw material for their heating element, because each stone is unique with natural beauty. With this solution eurotherm stands out even more from its rivals.

5 Logistics

In terms of flexibility eurotherm GmbH is equipped with high-bay storages that permanently hold approx. 1.200 heating elements as well as several production machines in order to meet customers' needs promptly.
Due to continuously increasing sales volumes, a steady order cycle and an associated growing inventory turnover has been accomplished. The logistics concept is adjusted to speed and readiness for delivery.

6 Distribution channels

In total, six sales representatives in Germany take care of our multi-year customer base and acquire new customers. Since 1998 we are present at trade fairs at our electrical wholesalers in Germany as well as international trade fairs. Through these trade fairs we will also win new customers in the future and existing contacts can be constantly expanded. Furthermore, customers and interested parties will learn from eurotherm GmbH through known Internet search engines and yellow pages.