Our vision. Our values.

It is our vision to create a healthy and natural quality of warmth for people, animals, plants and buildings. Since primeval times people on our continent are adjusted to heat rays.

Through the radiation principle, which of course doesn't just apply to natural stone heatings, but also to soap stone heatings and cockle stoves, therefore a „real“ Infrared-C radiation heating, energy consumption is impacted positively.

The action principle of radiation warmth is straightforward. Every room receive heat rays and thanks to this tempering of building elements this warmth is warmth is re-emitted to the separate rooms. Your building stock becomes the heating, by doing that stays dry, healthy and untroubled by mold and dry rot together with its subsequent damages.

This vision and thereby actively practiced values create a sense of power and togetherness and offer a very good basis for our daily work. It is also the foundation of our common values and cultivates our standard in everything we do. It also guides our employees' decisions they have to make within their day-to-day work.

Our values are easily memorable and stand on their own. They fit eurotherm because they make up our corporate culture. The values are lived continuously, if nothing else in the advancement of our products.

Wir gestalten unsere Zukunft auf dem Fundament eines erfolgreichen und gesunden Familienunternehmens.

Our customers

We cherish our customers and focus our actions on them. We think ahead and accommodate our customers' wishes and needs by offering the highest customer value, excellent quality as well as innovative products. Only then we can offer you an added value, because it is decisive for our success and will let us grow further in all markets.

Our employees

We cherish, challenge and foster our employees.
We treat each other with respect and dignity, we trust and develop our abilities by keeping the different minds in harmony with great care.
We expect self-responsible action and a high proficiency level from every individual to secure our success as a company.


Our sustainable goal is to substantially contribute to construction, living & environment, to improve health of all people, animals and plants and to allow them to live in harmony with nature.

  • regenerative energy sources can replace fossile energy carriers
  • timeless natural materials
  • environmentally safe
  • supremely low-pollutant production
  • maintenance free and very long service life
  • little installation effort
  • favorable consumption through high reflection warmth (warming of the building structure)
  • no hidden incidental costs
  • inter-generational investment
  • comfortable single-room control
  • natural warmth and comfort

Our strong denomination to sustainability has always been an important factor of success.
eurotherm has always aspired to create a balance between man and the environment, this clear attitude enables us to continuously grow successfully in all markets.

Marianne Futterknecht


Unerschrift Marianne Futterknecht

Marianne Futterknecht