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Towel rack Two-row, silver chrome-plated

Width: 60.0 cm (universal size)

Height: 14.5 cm

Depth:  14,0 cm

Reflecting boards, for wall installation Mineral fibre, foil-laminated on one side

Improves the energetic effect of the natural stone elements.

et-RSP 4: 50x30 cm
et-RSP 6: 90x30 cm
et-RSP 8: 90x37 cm
et-RSP 11: 90x50 cm
et-RSP 14: 115x50 cm
et-RSP 16: 135x50 cm

Installation rails Aluminium

Size: 270 mm

Wall installation HE11, HE14, HE16

Ceiling installation HE11, HE14, HE16

Size: 700 mm

Wall installation HE6, HE8, HE11

Ceiling installation HE6, HE8, HE11, HE 14, HE 16