Nothing tops the own experience. Therefore we'd like to show you some opinions of satisfied customers on this page. See for yourself how a eurotherm Natural Stone Heating can change your life or your company.

Ingrid S. from Nittenau

„I'm very satisfied with my natural stones: for me as a single-person household this was the ideal solution when renovating one floor in an older house without cetral heating. The expenses for installing an oil or pellet heating would have been unviable because of the building's situation.
In comparison, considering the low investment costs for a Natural Stone Heating you can heat with electricity for many years. If you draw your electrical power from renewable energy sources the ecological conscience is calmed down, too. The slabs are very decorative, provicde a pleasant warmth and thereby add to a positive room climate. (...)“

Anne B.-L. Ibiza, Spanien

„This heating is a jewel! We have a holiday home in Spain. The clothes in the closet aren't moist and the walls aren't stained anymore. We keep the thermostat all year at 18 degrees, also when we're not in Spain.
The heating regulates this automatically and everything is warm when we arrive. Especially our comfortable bathroom excites us.“

Café Cherubini

„Many visitors of our café rave about this wonderful, enjoyable warmth. The design has been attuned with eurotherm and the architect exactly to our visions. Support with planning and execution was also outstanding.
For us it was an important aspect that there will be no additional costs with the eurotherm Natural Stone Heating.“


„We install the eurotherm Natural Stone Heating since 2004 in our prefabricated houses. All customers that opted for this heating are totally excited. Installation effort is very low and the customer saves up to two rooms that he can in turn use for other things.
(...) We'd like to emphasise the excellent cooperation with eurotherm and especially their support of our customers.“

Marko T. from Bamberg

„We have a Natural Stone Heating ceiling-mounted in the living room. After some time it suddenly became warm from everywhere. We are highly satisfied and can recommend the eurotherm Natural Stone Heating to everyone.“

Marta S. from Regensburg

„Comforting warm, you can breathe deeply again. There's no throat-stinging, we finally have warm feet. Previously our feet always lay directly underneath the heating, there it was the warmest, this time is now over. The heating costs are also lower as with our old heating.“

Eva R. from Regenstauf

„My apartment in an old building is equipped with the eurotherm Natural Stone Heating. I'm thrilled since the first day and very satisfied. The heating slabs are noble and radiate a comforting warmth. The marble heating can be controlled very easily.
Consumption is lower as with gas or oil heatings, (...), moreover is save the costs for the chimney sweeper.
An old-building renovation with the eurotherm Natural Stone Heating is a fast, clean and low-cost solution. I would decide for eurotherm any time again!“