Your satisfaction is of great importance to us

Our motivated employees are happy to advise and support you in planning your heating system. After all, it is of great importance that each and every building is equipped in accordance with its requirements.

  • Compilation of a heating requirements calculation
  • Planning of the heating system
  • Inspection and assessment of building
  • Advice as to the optimum placement of heating elements
  • Advice in design
  • Advice in the right way of heating
  • Compilation of a consumption cost estimate
  • Advice in heating tariffs with a dual tariff meter
  • Advice in energy optimisation
  • Suggestions of other cost-effective electricity tariffs
  • Plan proposal for fulfilling EnEV requirements
  • Personal selection of the finest natural stones in our works (by appointment)

We are available to help you at any time even after your product purchase.

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