Specifications et-WRG 20

Heat supply rate:

up to 91% (determined calculatory out of the values from the IGE test report at 16°C outside temperature / Power level 1)

Controlling (central):

up to 84% (measured according DIBt, University of Stuttgart IGE)

Ventilation system performance (4-stage):

up to 6 ventilators (plus 4 more per Slave)

Input power:

0,18W/(m3/h) bis 0,37w/(m3/h)

Operating voltage:

12V DC

Ventilator type:

axial, electronicaly controlled, reversable, moisture-proof

Measuring surface sound pressure level:

Installation length 300mm / Inner cover plate opened 12mm: ~ 16,8dB at power level 1 - Outgoing air (15m3/h)

Standardised sound level difference:

Installation length 480mm / Inner cover plate opened 12mm: D n,w 36,9dB (measured at ift Rosenheim)


Dust filter (G3), Poll filter (F5)

Inner cover plate:

round or square; lockable with noise protection

Facade ending:

V2A Stainless steel hood, optionally white coated

Wall thickness:

from 300mm (smaller wall thicknesses on request)

Pipe diameter:200mm
Core drill hole diameter:220mm

Products are produced according to requirements of the DIBt (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik).
RoHS and WEEE compliant
EnEV and DIN-1946-6 compliant

Steuerung / Lüftertyp

et-WRG 200

et-WRG 200 U

et-SEC-20 Basic