Functionality of the decentralised eurotherm ventilation.

Funktionsweise der dezentralen eurotherm Lüftung

The ventilator transports used air outwards through the heat exchanger and thereby warms it. After about 70 seconds the ventilator changes the direction of rotation and fresh air is returned pre-warmed back into the room.

The ventilators work paired, which means that one starts in exhaust air mode the other in incoming air mode. With that an optimal and at the same time draught-free ventilation of rooms is guaranteed.

During winter warmth stays inside, where it should be.

During summer heat stays outside. Rooms can be comfortably temperated with the mode "permanent pulse ventilation" or cooled down at night.

Configuration and variations

Envelope (not shown):
Fixed pipe made out of polypropylene, flame retardant

  1. Inner cover sound insulated (round/white or square/stainless steel)
  2. Filter mounting out of EPS
  3. Dust or poll filter
  4. highly efficient heat exchanger (memory ceramic)
  5. Quiet as a whisper, direction-changing ventilation unit
  6. Protection grill - corrosion-resistant
  7. EPS housing - Noise protection and thermal insulation

Inner cover stainless steel white, powder-coated

Outside hood with wind-shielding function

  • Stainless steel white, powder-coated or
  • Stainless steel blank

Version for installation in reveal on request

Controlling unit et-ST 20

Display of operation mode through LED's
Connection of up to 6 systems
Moist sensor coupleable
Operation hours readable via interface
Summer mode (permanent pulse ventilation)
diverse possibilities in wiring available