A heating system without additional costs.

Planned, bought, mounted, ready.

With the eurotherm Natural Stone Heating you buy a heating system with low investment costs and without hidden additional costs. And since the system is maintenance free, you probably will see your installer once. The cheapest heat current rate you get from your regional energy provider.

The eurotherm Natural Stone Heating stands for:

  • 15 years of warranty for function of the heating elements
  • 50 years life-time

The energy question: conventional or regenerative?

You alone define for which kind of energy supply you decide.

As an environmentally conscious consumer, besides conventional energy to operate your eurotherm Natural Stone Heating, green electricity comes increasingly into focus. This is produced from wind, water, sun or biogas. Of course we advise you to this topic also.

Moreover we offer you concepts to fulfil EnEV and EEWärmeG. Just ask us about it.