For your health.

eurotherm GmbH

The eurotherm Natural Stone Heating through healthy infrared-C radiation warmth heats the whole living space. Through the warm building structure you feel an steady, pleasing and natural warmth in every place of your home. Increased well-being, better blood circulation, stress reduction, abatement of arthralgia – numerous studies prove that. Moreover, advantages for your health unfold.


Statistically one out of four Germans suffers from allergies. House dust is one of the biggest catalysts for asthma and breathing difficulties. With the eurotherm Natural Stone Heating allergic persons respire, since with our heatings dust-raising is omitted almost totally! That said, fewer dusting is the dot on the „i“.

Say goodbye to mould

The building envelope gets sustainably warmed through the eurotherm Natural Stone Heating. The area within the outer wall where water vapour can condense (the dew-point), is shifted outwards. Mould and mildew stains are things of the past.

And what about electric smog?

There we can put your mind at ease, because the eurotherm Natural Stone Heating disperges less than an illuminant.