Radiant Heat

Gleichmäßige Wärmeverteilung

It is winter. Your heating system is running on mid temperature. You feel totally warm and comfortable.

Just like the sun the eurotherm Natural Stone Heating through natural Infrared-C-Radiation produces a consistent temperature that heats the whole room. This on its own concurrently acts as a heater and the building's substance benefits from dry walls.

What is the consequence? The room temperature between floor and ceiling is approximately equal, dust is barely risen and already a low set temperature causes a pleasant feel of warmth.

Warme Wand

Warm wall
The environment emits warmth.

Summary Radiant Heat

  • Warming of the complete room envelope through radiation warmth (warm walls, shown red in the graphic)
  • Barely temperature difference between floor and ceiling (warm feet - warm body)Little dust-rising
  • Low room temperature with better feel of warmth
  • Pleasing room climateRate of radiation warmth ca. 80 %Rate of convection warmth ca. 20 %

Convection Heating Systems

Nothing but hot air?

Ungleiche Wärmeverteilung, kalte Füße, warmer Kopf

It is winter. Your heating system is running at full speed. Your feet are cold, your head too warm.

This is warmth that emerges from air circulation (convection). A conventional heating system warms up the air in the room that goes up to underneath the ceiling. On the walls the air cools down again and sinks to the floor.

What is the consequence? Through permanent air movement dust is getting dispersed, the warmth spreads unevenly within the room, with this uneven warmth distribution on the room envelope mould formation is aided.

Kalte Wand

Cold wall

Man has a higher temperature than the environment

Summary Convection Heating Systems

  • Air is used as a thermal medium (Recirculation of the heated air)
  • High temperature differences between floor and ceiling (cold feet - warm head)Cold walls and cold floor (basis for mould)Mould formation through air circulation
  • Dry room climate
  • Rate of radiation warmth ca. 20 %
  • Rate of convection warmth ca. 80 %