Frequently asked questions.

Surely you have some open questions regarding the eurotherm Natural Stone Heating. Here have collected the most asked for you.

How much is a eurotherm Natural Stone Heating?

In comparison to other heating systems investment is considerbly lower. Just ask as to issue a non-binding offer!

Is heating with the eurotherm Natural Stone Heating cheaper than with other heating systems?

YES! Through single-room controlling and without loss in dispersion or warmth production energy requirements are lower than with centrally heated buildings. Furthermore, low-priced heating power tariffs from your energy provider keep energy costs low. Additionally no costs for the chimney sweeper and for investment in a separate storage and central heating room arise! We gladly inform you with an individual and free energy consulting.

How does radiation warmth work?

Radiation warmth works according to the sun principle. The infrared radiation comfortably warms our bodies without raising dust. At the same time the air keeps relatively cool, the organism is not burdened with draft or overheated room air. With the eurotherm Natural Stone Heating the percentage of radiation warmth is at more than 80 %!
More information can be found here.

Does the eurotherm Natural Stone Heating pollute the environment?

NO! On location there are no environmental burdens. Also with power stations' ever increasing efficiency factors and by growing the share of electricity from renewable energies, the point balance gets better and better with regard to CO2 emissions!

Is electricity wholly converted into warmth?

YES! The eurotherm Natural Stone Heating transforms every kilowatt-hour 100% into warmth. Also with comfortable temperature controlling only the amount of energy that is currently necessary is used!

How long does a eurotherm Natural Stone Heating last?

On function of the eurotherm Natural Stone Heating we give a warranty of 15 years.